Material Studies

Rubber tree latex sap Rubber plantation unidentified rubber planters work diligently, skillfully harvesting latex from the mature rubber trees.

Understanding Spandex and Latex: Allergies and Differences

Man-made fibers were invented in the 1930s to overcome the limitations of natural fibers, offering cost-efficiency that swiftly replaced more expensive natural fabrics. Over the subsequent decades, synthetic fibers gained popularity due to their versatility…

Woven Vs. NonWoven

Woven Vs. Non-Woven Fabrics

In the world of fabrics, the choice between woven and non-woven materials is pivotal and based on the requirements of your product. Over the years, we’ve been part of the textile selection to meet the…

Heart Beat Pulse on Screen

The Future of Smart Textiles in Home Healthcare

Smart textiles or E-textiles are textiles that incorporate the functionality of a computer. E-textiles are designed for both comfort-ability and functionality. They consist of conductive fibers and electronic elements that are woven into traditional fabric….

What is Fabric Denier?

What is Fabric Denier?

While sourcing fabrics for our products, we consider properties such as woven vs. non-woven, coated vs. uncoated, and textile strength. There are many units of measurement attributed to textiles and soft sided goods manufacturing. However,…