Carrying Cases

Hard-Sided Cases

Hard-Sided Cases: When Textiles Aren’t Tough Enough

In certain applications, even our most durable soft cases don’t offer enough protection against the environment. While we manufacture our soft-sided cases in-house, we also carry and distribute a few lines of hard plastic carrying…

Custom Carrying Case Sample Room

Does your Product Need a Custom Carrying Case?

Portable equipment has become an integral part of the daily functions of many professional fields, this equipment provides convenience and functionality on the go. From communications equipment and radios to portable X-ray equipment, the need…

Hard Sided Carrying Case with a Custom Insert

Should your Carrying Case have a Foam Insert?

At Fieldtex, we manufacture many different styles of carrying cases and create custom inserts for hard cases. When developing a case to protect specialized equipment or medical devices, we use only industrial grade fabrics for…