Designing Bags for The First Responder

First Responder with Professional Kit
EMS professional with portable oxygen equipment

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For years, Fieldtex has been supplying the First Responder industry with domestically produced, high-quality bags designed specifically for their field. Not only have we educated ourselves on the common equipment, supplies, and products that First Responders have in tow; we have also worked closely and extensively with Firefighters, Police Departments, and EMS Ambulance Paramedics to give us design input on both our pre-existing designs and prototypes. The result of these discussions and research are specialized functional, durable, organization-oriented, and highly transportable carrying cases of all shapes and sizes. As an innovator in the First Responder carrying case industry, there are a few things that we feel every case should have.

Compartments. Potentially one of the most important features of a First Responder bag is the method of compartmentalization and organization. When responding to a crisis situation, having all of your supplies floating freely does not allow for efficient first aid, and can lead to delayed response time. Compartments allow for your carrying case to be organized in any way that the user is familiar with. The only downside to compartmentalization is that there is a fine line between helping and hindering; too many compartments can lead to confusion or added stress in an emergency. While some of our cases include compartments (example one and example two), we also produce compartments that can be inserted into any case for easy, color-coded organization.

High Durability. Any First Responder can tell you that their carrying cases and supplies go through the wringer in the field. It’s not easy to gently sort through a carrying case in a high-pressure situation to find what you need. Our current selection of materials has been formulated based on years of experience, professional input, and field testing; those materials combined with our talented team of prototypers, product engineers, and sewers ensures industrial-strength construction. We offer only the most durable textiles and hardware (including mil-spec), and even offer different styles of foam inserts and hardboard to make our custom soft-sided fabric cases protective enough for even life-saving equipment.

Convenient Transport. Being able to easily (and quickly) travel with your supplies on foot is important. Keeping your case compact and offering more than one versatile carrying methods (perhaps backpack straps and a suitcase-style handle?) makes it easy to move your entire stock onto the scene without having to worry that you could be leaving something crucial behind.

Private-Label Branding. Make yourself easily identifiable as a First Responder with the logo of your EMS Paramedic Ambulance or Police Department. This will allow you quicker access in the case of an emergency in a crowded place, as people will recognize your logo and know you are there to provide professional help. We offer in-house embroidery, heat transfer, and screen printing services on all types of soft-sided carrying cases.

Fieldtex stocks our designed EMS and Speciality Bags and regularly works with Medical and First Responder Professionals to design Custom Cases for their entire team.