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Is Nylon Waterproof?

The roaring 20s marked the end of the classical era, with peoples’ eyes focused on a bright future. Everything began to change and the need for comfortable, budget-friendly, and durable fabrics was immense.  In 1935,…

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Understanding Spandex and Latex: Allergies and Differences

Man-made fibers were invented in the 1930s to overcome the limitations of natural fibers, offering cost-efficiency that swiftly replaced more expensive natural fabrics. Over the subsequent decades, synthetic fibers gained popularity due to their versatility…

Fabric vs. Textile: Understanding the Difference

Using the words ‘fabric’ and ‘textile’ interchangeably to describe different materials is a common mistake among regular folks.  As a professional designer or engineer, however, you can’t afford such mistakes, especially with money and reputation…

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Walking Foot for Sewing: The Complete Guide

Tired of wrestling with slippery fabrics or finding multi-layer sewing projects a daunting task? Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or a novice with a sewing machine, a walking foot attachment might just be the solution…

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Reshoring Backpack Manufacturing

Made in USA textile tag on a backpack Improving Quality, Reducing Lead Times, Bulletproofing Your Supply Chain, and Bringing Jobs Home Backpacks are a staple of modern life. Whether you’re a student, a hiker, a…

Woven Vs. NonWoven

Woven Vs. Non-Woven Fabrics

In the world of fabrics, the choice between woven and non-woven materials is pivotal and based on the requirements of your product. Over the years, we’ve been part of the textile selection to meet the…

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The Future of Smart Textiles in Home Healthcare

Smart textiles or E-textiles are textiles that incorporate the functionality of a computer. E-textiles are designed for both comfort-ability and functionality. They consist of conductive fibers and electronic elements that are woven into traditional fabric….