5 Tips For Designing a Custom Carrying Case

Designing a Custom Carrying Case

In any field, there is almost always a piece of equipment or a specialized product that necessitates a carrying case. While it is easy to purchase a pre-developed carrying case (in some cases, you may be able to find a case designed specifically to carry products developed in your industry), it is always beneficial to consider creating a custom case. This could be considered for any number of reasons – fragility of the product, organization of a multi-piece item, a visually comprehensive way to display the item, or even as a convenient way to increase portability of the product and package an item for market.

Here’s some helpful tips to keep in mind while developing your Custom Carrying Case:

  • Working with an experienced prototyping and design team is beneficial in the carrying case development process. Our prototyping team has worked with many different industries to design durable custom carrying cases for an array of items. As an experienced cut and sew contractor, our team has the ability to provide insight into the effectiveness of a case and the case and product relationship, as well as insight into what features your carrying case should have based on what will be held inside.
  • Another option for the development of your case is whether or not your case should have a foam insert. This could help further padding and protection of the product.
  • Being aware of the different styles of common carrying cases is also valuable knowledge. Knowing how your case should be carried for maximum protection and portability of the product – i.e. backpack style, briefcase style, across the chest like a messenger bag, or even a case with a specified shape can provide a basis to work from, and help to more rapidly develop a pattern. Starting with a pre-existing bag concept – no matter how vague – is a good base to work from.
  • While designing a custom carrying case for market, taking extremely specific measurements of the things that will be carried within the case is important. In most cases, the walls of the cases will have extra padding (especially while carrying fragile equipment) which will make the exterior L x W x H slightly different than that of the interior.
  • It’s important to make sure that you are able to do both short and long run productions. At Fieldtex our production minimum is 25 cases, which we have discovered is the ideal amount for a trial run with intent of mass-production.

Developing a Custom Carrying Case can be a simple and effective way to ensure safe and easy transport of your product. Click here to see some examples of the many Styles of Carrying Cases we manufacture.