Manufacturing Backpacks in the USA

Manufacturing Backpacks in America

Backpacks have been an integral tool, and have been around as early as 3300 bc. At Fieldtex, we have fifty years of experience manufacturing backpacks across all industries. We’ve created backpacks and carrying cases for EMS and First Responders, Military, and Athletes. Our talented and dedicated team will work to create the perfect backpack or carrying case for specialized or general equipment. Backpacks are a convenient means of item transportation for all industries, so Fieldtex will continue to innovate and improve backpack design through contract sewing projects to help workers everywhere.

Why use Backpacks?

Fieldtex Tactical Backpacks
Fieldtex MOLLE compatible Tactical Backpacks line. Click to enlarge.

Backpacks are designed to transport supplies and materials efficiently with minimal strain on the wearer. Shoulder straps allow even distribution of weight which allows the wearer to stay more balanced even with heavier weight in the bag. At Fieldtex, we are consistently testing and prototyping new designs for backpack straps to maximize wearer comfort and minimize strain. Backpacks also tend to be larger in volume than a traditional cross body or briefcase style bag while keeping your hands free and allowing for more freedom in movement. Backpacks also provide better organization with interior pockets, pouches, or straps.

Choosing Materials and Improving Durability

While the textile choice and construction design are crucial for improving the longevity of a case or backpack, the method of transportation also increases case lifespan. Backpacks easily strap tight to your core, allowing for less impeded movement and improved comfort.

This also has the added benefit of decreasing the chance of the backpack getting snagged on something. In comparison, cross body straps and handles on carrying cases are able to swing freely and have hinges, which can be weak points for lower-quality products. For our professional grade equipment we use abrasion resistant Cordura and proper sewing techniques to ensure the cases will not fail when needed.

Industry Specific Bags

EMS AED Backpack
Fieldtex EMS AED/O2 Backpack.

Fieldtex has fine-tuned our backpacks to include features important for every field we provide for.

  • Our military bags include MOLLE and PALS systems and are Berry compliant. The United States military and several military primes trust the products we create.
  • Our EMS bags are easily recognizable with bright colors and labels that pop out, helping reduce confusion in an emergency situation.
  • Our Specialized Equipment Backpacks are designed with foam walls for extra padding and protection. These are especially helpful for transporting sensitive equipment like electronics.