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Reshoring Backpack Manufacturing

Made in USA textile tag on a backpack Improving Quality, Reducing Lead Times, Bulletproofing Your Supply Chain, and Bringing Jobs Home Backpacks are a staple of modern life. Whether you’re a student, a hiker, a…

Woven Vs. NonWoven

Woven Vs. Non-Woven Fabrics

In the world of fabrics, the choice between woven and non-woven materials is pivotal and based on the requirements of your product. Over the years, we’ve been part of the textile selection to meet the…

Heart Beat Pulse on Screen

The Future of Smart Textiles in Home Healthcare

Smart textiles or E-textiles are textiles that incorporate the functionality of a computer. E-textiles are designed for both comfort-ability and functionality. They consist of conductive fibers and electronic elements that are woven into traditional fabric….

Hard-Sided Cases

Hard-Sided Cases: When Textiles Aren’t Tough Enough

In certain applications, even our most durable soft cases don’t offer enough protection against the environment. While we manufacture our soft-sided cases in-house, we also carry and distribute a few lines of hard plastic carrying…