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Conductive Thread netted in a smart textile

Conductive Thread

Conductive thread is a type of thread that performs as a normal thread, but can be used to connect electronic components in a garment without the use of stiff circuitry or integrating wires. For the…

Medical Grade Textiles, biocompatible textiles

What are Medical Grade Textiles?

The use of textiles and fabrics is becoming increasingly prevalent in the development of wearable medical garments, wearable organ holsters, and even being utilized as flexible mesh for medical implants. During the development and prototyping…

sensors in wearable medical devices

Types of Sensors Used in Wearable Devices

For most, the first object that pops into your head after hearing the term “wearable” is likely some sort of fitness-associated wrist wear. The wrist is an ideal place for a tracker such as a…