Berry Compliant Manufacturing

Berry Compliant Manufacturing

When you work as a regular contract manufacturer for the military supply industry, you come across people requesting for their goods to be Berry Compliant. Designing and manufacturing custom military products since the 1980s, Fieldtex is no stranger to the production of Berry compliant goods, or working with clients and distributors to find the perfect set of materials for a product.

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The Berry Amendment

The Berry Amendment was passed in 1941, and was made a permanent fixture to the Department of Defense in 1994. This Amendment requires the Department of Defense to use only products produced domestically in the production of goods. The amendment includes food, tents, and all fabrics or fibers involved in the production of clothing and goods; tarp, cotton, silk, synthetic fibers, canvas, wool, and anything made using any of those products.

While there are certain exclusions, they are primarily due to the cost, unavailability, and manufacturing inefficiency of domestic production. Some textile exclusions include leather, sheepskin, metallic thread, 50-denier rayon yarn, and more. There was also a point where the Amendment also mandated specialty metals also be domestically produced, such as fasteners, but this has since been waived, making the Amendment primarily focused on textiles.

This amendment can, at times, make it difficult to supply all pieces of the products. We have sourcing experience with materials that are not only Berry Amendment, but also Military grade and compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). RoHS restricts the toxic use and byproduct in the making of a garment. The Berry Amendment promotes the economy of American production, as well as upholding the American standard for the US military.

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