Hard-Sided Cases: When Textiles Aren’t Tough Enough

Hard-Sided Cases

In certain applications, even our most durable soft cases don’t offer enough protection against the environment. While we manufacture our soft-sided cases in-house, we also carry and distribute a few lines of hard plastic carrying cases to serve clients ranging from the US Military to specialized equipment manufacturers to dedicated First Responders and First Aiders. Ranging from light- to heavy-duty, these cases offer added protection for equipment or other fragile items you may be transporting. Our custom foam inserts offer added protection and can be developed for cases of any size, further customizing your carrying case to your needs.

At Fieldtex we strive to inform our customers and help them find the carrying case that will best meet their needs.

Blow Molded Cases: Our double walled, high-density polyethylene blow-molded cases are some of our most versatile cases. Perfect for anything from military equipment to protective transport of specialized electronic equipment, blow molded cases are ideal for durability and protection at a low cost. We offer both standard-duty and light-duty blow molded cases, and suggest pick-n-pluck foam inserts to ensure protection of the goods even further while in transit. Due to affordability, these cases are ideal for purchasing in bulk and standardizing the transport method for specialized equipment companies.

Pelican Cases: Pelican is a brand known for their durability. Boasting a 100% lifetime guarantee on all cases and bulk pricing, you can’t go wrong with purchasing Pelican Cases from Fieldtex, a certified Pelican Cases distributor. We stock a variety of cases (in a variety of different colors!) from their catalog both with and without custom foam inserts.

All Conditions Cases: All Conditions cases lock out dirt and moisture in order to protect whatever is being transported inside. Water-resistant gasket sealing systems ensures that your gear will stay dry, even in rough conditions. All Conditions Cases make great cases for travel where extra water and fluid resistance may be a concern, for example, transporting something in an open truck bed or outdoors in unpredictable weather.

Military Hard Cases: Our military cases are Pelican Storm Cases. With strong plastic construction, durable plastic handles, and a strong seal, this is a go-to hard-sided case for military applications.

First Aid Boxes: Our First Aid Boxes are a crucial element of a good First Aid Kit – building your selection of first aid supplies after choosing a first aid box means all product will fit inside and stay organized. Our selection includes everything from our standard plastic case, to metal first aid cabinets with shelving and wall mounting options. These versatile cases are perfect for any First Aid application from an Office First Aid Kit to a Home First Aid Kit.

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