What is Industrial Sewing?

Industrial Sewing
Sewing a Custom Product in our Factory.

The best way to mass-produce a fabric product – when you are not equipped with the proper machinery – is to work with a Contract Sewing Manufacturer. This not only allows you to maximize time on other aspects of your business plan, but it also ensures a consistency of product quality and expedited turn around time. Depending on the product that you are producing, the sewing process may be more involved to improve durability or meet certain standards. At Fieldtex, we are able to sew commercial grade products as well as conform to military standards and specifications.

“Industrial sewing” refers to the sewing processes used by contract sewers or manufacturers who mass-produce sewn products. This type of sewing is far more complex than using a traditional sewing machine, and often involves a lot of preparation on the part of the pattern maker or designer. Cutting and sewing different fabric elements of a project to create precision-aligned and wrinkle-free products requires a skilled prototype and design department, and repeating this process for mass production takes skilled machinery and operators.

Prior to beginning the sewing process, extensive calculations and measurements need to be taken in order to make sure that the dimensions will be accurate not only when the fabric is cut, but also when the project is constructed. Being conscious that different types of fabric will react differently to seaming and applied thread tension is also beneficial to this process.

Production and Machinery

We utilize the most efficient way to produce a sewn product – working in a production line. A production line involves the materials traveling from station to station, and having many different people work on the same product, performing specific actions to contribute to the product. This results in the sewers performing the same action on each fabric section (lending to both efficiency and quality consistency). Based on the established production sequence, we have organized our industrial sewing machines throughout the factory in an order that makes sense.

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Industrial sewing machines are most often programmed to repeat one action over and over again, at a far faster speed than someone sewing on an in-home sewing machine and often with more precision. We have several industrial sewing machines in our factory, programmed to perform specific actions and sew specific pieces of each project – for example, a machine programmed to stitch a certain box tack, and another machine designed to stitch a bar tack. By using both an efficient floor plan, state-of-the-art industrial sewing machinery, and a skilled prototype and design department, we are able to mass-produce even custom patterned sewn products from OEMs.

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