Here’s Why You Should Work With a Manufacturer That Offers Prototype and Design Services

Prototype and Design Services

We have previously touched on the extensive research you should do while choosing a Contract Manufacturing Partner, and what features we think are most beneficial for your manufacturing process. One of the most crucial steps in the production process is the prototyping stage, especially if there is no pre-established prototype or design of your custom product. Prototyping through a contract manufacturer not only ensures that your product is realistically designed for mass production (more on this below), but also that it’s to be produced in the best way for both you and the manufacturer. Fieldtex Products has one of the most effective and forward-thinking prototype and design teams in the custom manufacturing industry, and we believe that working with a manufacturer that offers in-house prototype services truly leads to a better custom product, and more marketability for you.

Here’s the top reasons to choose a contract manufacturing partner with prototype and design services:

Prototyping allows you to catch design flaws prior to production. Just because an idea works in theory doesn’t mean that it will go off without a hitch. Prototyping lets you catch any issues to the design prior to manufacturing, rather than having to perform a costly fix on each piece of a full-scale production. Working with a team that will be mass-producing your item aids in them learning the function, mission, and necessities of the product. Their involvement early on can help bring your final product to market smoothly.

Developing an in-house prototype that is manufactured on the same machines as the final production run assures quality consistency. Working from an outsourced prototype is possible – we request a sample be mailed in, and upon close expert inspection and reverse engineering, we can determine how it was designed, constructed, and the materials used. We then make two samples – one for us and one for you – and calculate cost to mass-produce based on material and labor. However, a major perk to working with an in house design team that is going to be utilizing the same systems during prototype development that are used during the production run assures that there will not be a change in construction or material quality. This could reduce any issues you could potentially have with product performance and help you avoid surprise cost.

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Your product will be designed for mass production from the start. When you outsource your prototype with a design house or design a prototype on your own business, the designer may not be aware of the costs that will accrue when mass-producing using those materials; experimenting with different textiles during the prototyping process can be helpful, but not always friendly to the wallet. Working with a designer who works specifically to design products in a cost-effective and high-quality way right off the bat will save you money in both the short and long term. Our teams extensive knowledge of material function, cost, and production lines makes your top-quality American made product as marketable (and close to the original design) as possible.

Strengthen your business relationships. This one may be obvious, but working with a company you trust to not only mass-produce your product but also help in the prototyping process promotes a strong business-to-business relationship.

Using our Auto CAD Technology, we proudly employ detail-oriented and skilled Designers and Prototype Developers in our Design Department, helping us become a one-stop shop for the entire custom goods development process. Having worked in industries including instruments, medical devices, electronics, solar, specialized tooling, safety, emergency medical, and fire applications has given us a well rounded portfolio and a specific skill set that we would love to apply to your custom product.